2019 Toyota Harrier Hybrid

2019 Toyota Harrier Hybrid


2019 Toyota Harrier Hybrid was firstly showed in Toyota Auto Show in 2016 and since then shopper and admirer expect to see it on the market. That day finally comes, and it seems that Harrier is even more attractive and interesting to them. There is a significant innovations in the design of the car, with smaller magnitude but not at the payment of the cabin degree and phrase and the best equipment in class. Harrier will be competitive with the price, too and motor capacity that comes with the electric unit.


As we said, 2019 Toyota Harrier Hybrid comes as slightly redesigned elevator with surely smaller dimensions, which should assistance in driving and handling. However, larger 18-inch tires remain the look of the elevator and its large truck appearance. There is impressive massive front vitality with gridded grills on the front and modernly designed thin LED front lights incorporated in neighborhood line. The rear conclusion is rounded, but high so allows better visibility and thin spoiler protect the inside of the elevator from the sun.


The cabin in 2019 Toyota Harrier Hybrid is wider than on the current model, which is a small surprise since we know that this version is slightly smaller from the outside than current model. The cabin has greatly shaped comfortable seats wrapped with dark red leather and dark grey dashboard decorated with details in chrome. Besides that, when it comes to the equipment, the manufacturer put the best in class, like large 8-inch touchscreen with all commands, rearview camera, parking sensors, knee airbags, rearview camera and automatic brakes.


Together with a standard 1.5-liter petrol unit, 2019 Toyota Harrier Hybrid offers a 2.5-liter petrol engine in combination with an electric engine. That expectedly increases the strength of the car from 151 horsepower that produces a petrol engine to even 197 horsepower of strength. Even the base model comes with the six-speed automatic transmission it is also expected that the manufacturer will offer eight and ten-speed automatic transmission as well. There will be possible to order all-wheel driving system, too, since the base model is front-wheel driving version.

2019 Toyota Harrier Hybrid Release Date and Price

The price of 2019 Toyota Harrier Hybrid should be around $45,000, but buyers in the US should wait to the end of the year since the manufacturer said that it will be offered to the Japanese market first. Among usual competitors are models that have the same design and exist in the same class as Mazda CX-5, Mitsubishi Outlander, and Volkswagen Tiguan 2020.

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